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Functional Nutrition in Tauranga

Salad and appleFunctional nutrition is a method of looking at all the factors of your overall health and life, and using nutrition and natural remedies—including lifestyle components—to stimulate a change in your physiology to achieve the desired shift in your body’s function.

Our Apporach

At Be Vital Chiropractic, we begin with a comprehensive health history. We discuss in-depth your challenges and the details around how your current situation has developed over time. Then we strive to understand your goals and, more importantly, why those goals are important to you. We’ll go through an examination using applied kinesiology testing to establish what your specific nutritional deficiencies are.

As your body heals, it tends to crave things that keep it in balance. Lifestyle adjustments can help you rebalance and improve adaptability and resilience.

Armed with this knowledge, we establish what changes in the diet are needed, and how we can aid the system with specific nutrients, herbal formulas, homoeopathic remedies or other supplements.

Dietary Changes

People often worry that we’ll “force” them to change their diet overnight. Dr Comely will talk to you about implementing dietary changes in phases. To begin with, it may be avoiding certain foods or adding in other foods. We’ll help you work on the fundamentals of diet, including the timing and quantity of meals, chewing your food adequately and having mindfulness around food. We provide resources to help you with making dietary changes.

Shifting Priorities

It takes time for health to get out of balance, and it’ll take some time to rebalance. We’ll start you with some key changes, and as your body’s stress level decreases, other issues tend to dial down in intensity. Your goals and priorities will generally shift over the course of care. Once the diet and nutritional support phase has helped your body recover from high stress levels and exhaustion, we can focus on helping you create the healthiest headspace and mindset possible.

Take the First Step

Get started on your journey towards improved health, function and balance. Contact us today or use our online booking system.


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