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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Tauranga

pregnant person looking down at their tummyPregnancy places new demands and load on your body and its vital these are met and adapted to well to ensure your baby grows well and that you have as optimal a pregnancy as possible for your wellbeing and your baby. A balanced nervous system, spine and pelvis will better handle the changes that take place in the body during pregnancy as you proceed through the different stages up until delivery.

This support greater comfort and everyday function during pregnancy so you can carry out your daily tasks while you do the incredible job of growing your baby. Research has shown greater control and strength of the pelvic floor muscles in women undergoing regular chiropractic care, which is favourable for optimal labour outcomes.

We have specialised training in caring for pregnant women with specific techniques such as Webster’s technique, that are tailored to be safe, gentle and effective for pregnancy throughout all stages. Dr David has three children and has a great appreciation for what pregnant women experience during the different trimesters having been along for the journey with his wife through her pregnancies.

Pregnancy Chiropractic and Nutrition

With our nutritional background our clients can also expect support with their functional nutrition relating to preconception, conception, pregnancy and postpartum as the needs differ throughout the stages.

A Holistic Approach

We most commonly work with women who have breach or posterior babies or are experiencing pelvic instability, osteitis pubis or pubic pain, pelvic pain, lower back pain and neck and shoulder pain. Our holistic approach is also excellent for supporting increased levels of stress and fatigue that can come during pregnancy.



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