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Paediatric Chiropractic in Tauranga

Dr Comely adjusting childs headAt Be Vital Chiropractic, we use chiropractic to maximise the ease and balance in a child’s system, their body, and most importantly, their nervous system. The emphasis is on helping them have more balance, more connection, more regulation, and more resilience.

Our team sees children from newborns through to every stage of their development. We focus on connecting with each child and building trust with them, so they are comfortable and happy when they come to our office. Some of our children actually remind their parents when it’s time for a checkup, and that’s the biggest compliment we can get!

Stress and the Nervous System

As a child grows, their nervous system is also growing, changing, and developing as they navigate the stresses of life. Somewhere along the way, some of this stress will manifest in their nervous system in a way that interferes with their function. Dr Comely uses chiropractic care to clear that interference, refreshing their nervous system, and allowing their body to function in a balanced state.

Some conditions we see include sleep issues, digestive disturbances, allergies, mood or behaviour challenges, learning difficulties and coordination difficulties. Often our children can’t easily express what’s happening within their system, so it’s important to have regular checkups to maintain a healthy balance and great vitality as they grow.

Dr Comely touching childs back

Special Techniques

Our team may use several techniques specifically for children. All are low-force and very gentle, and we ensure all adjustments are done with the child’s comfort and ease in mind.

One special technique is the Retained Neonatal Reflexes™ protocol, a revolutionary approach to assisting children and adults with learning difficulties and behavioural problems. Everyone is born with reflexes that are useful as a newborn—to navigate labour and breastfeeding, learning how to crawl and roll, stand and walk, and other similar stages. They also help develop the right tone and balance in the body and the proper sequence of motions.

At a certain point, the brain should start to inhibit these reflexes, as they’re no longer needed, but if there’s birth trauma or developmental limitations, it can often impair the brain’s ability to regulate these reflexes properly. Brain and body development, as well as social skills, learning and behaviour, are impacted. We assist in the integration of these retained neonatal reflexes to establish proper balance in the child’s system.

Our Holistic Approach

Another area our team looks at is how nutrition factors into your child’s health. It’s important to assess the child’s gut flora and support the balance of that system to ensure proper absorption of nutrients. We also see if the child is getting the right nutrients in the correct amounts, and, if not, what lifestyle changes are needed.

In addition, we look at how homeopathic remedies help support the way the brain processes mental and emotional stress.

Helping Our Littlest Clients

Our team loves working with children to ensure they have the healthiest possible future. Schedule a visit today.



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